Special Expo Corporate Health

Whole world of health at work

Theory and practice - all in one place

60+ international exhibitors

30+ exciting presentations

1 Community

Healthy employees as a corporate success factor

Stressed and tired employees - high absenteeism - unhealthy diet - always on duty - do you have to deal with these issues in your company too? Are you not quite sure how to remedy this unhealthy corporate culture?

With the Special Expo Corporate Health at Zukunft Personal Europe 2019, you can gain an insight into the many different approaches to corporate health management such as physical activity at the workplace, healthy eating in the office and mobile health initiatives.

This special expo gathers together providers of holistic health systems, corporate health management advisors, ergonomics specialists, health insurance companies and many other companies that can help you to bring more physical activity, healthy eating and mindfulness into your working day.

Ask for advice and see if the solutions meet your company's specific needs. Regardless of whether you are new to corporate health management or a seasoned professional, we guarantee you will discover some valuable new ideas and tips for a sustainable corporate health management scheme.

BGM Summit

Parallel to the Special Expo Corporate Health at the Zukunft Personal Europe, the BGM Summit Conference takes place at bauwerk koeln from 10 - 11 September 2018. Legislators meet nonconformists, associations discuss with practicioners and visionaries develop new ideas and solutions together with decission makers. The variety of interactive workshops, trend talks and discussions as well as exciting presentations, high-calibre speakers and networking occasions with experts makes the BGM Summit unique. Find more information here: bgm-summit.de


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